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Gasket For Plate Heat Exchanger

Gasket For Plate Heat Exchanger
1.Competitive PHE Gasket100% Replace Gea Plate Heat Exchanger Catalogue
2.Plate Rubber Gasket Material:EPDM,EPM,FPM,FKMG
3.Gasket Color Code:Yellow,Blue
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Gasket For Plate Heat Exchanger

   In the process industrial equipment, the plate heat exchanger is a device with high safety requirements. When the gasket is damaged, the appearance of external leakage is visible. Heat exchangers will start with a slight dripping at the beginning, A large leakage may occur due to the damage of the gasket in the process equipment with large pressure shocks. Under strong pressure shocks, Sometimes sealing gasket can be placed away from the phe correct installation position, even escape from the heat exchanger in severe cases,. In this case, the equipment must be immediately stopped and the plate type cooler cooled to room temperature without pressure.If the gasket has been deformed under the impact of pressure, it can no longer be restored to its original shape and position, and a new gasket must be replaced. If there are no spare phe gaskets,the heating plate with damaged gaskets on both sides must be removed from the plate pack set, then inspect the balance plate and gaskets. The remaining heat exchanger plates must be installed strictly in accordance with the requirements in the operating instructions. In order to ensure that the remaining heat exchangers have enough stress to resist the load, the original allowable stresses of the plates must be multiplied by the number of original plates. The resulting product is divided by the current number of remaining plates to obtain the assembled stress value that each plate heat exchanger plates must withstand

Gasket For Plate Heat Exchanger

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