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Heat Exchanger Gasket Design

Heat Exchanger Gasket Design
1.Replacement Plates&Gaskets 100% Compatible With Tranter Heat Exchanger
2.PHE Gaskets For Tranter GC51 Clip On,GXP026 And GFP187
3.Heat Exchange Gasket Types: Cross Flow And Parallel
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Heat Exchanger Gasket Design

   The semi-welded plate heat exchanger is formed by laser welding the two plates along the sealing groove into a pair of plates, the semi plates with a sealing gasket and clamping them in a superimposed manner on the fixed pressing plate and the movable pressing plate. The coated gasket is made of a general rubber or metal block as a core, and is surrounded by polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE) or a fluorinated synthetic material, and can be used for a highly corrosive medium or to raise the temperature limit. HISAKA is the first to use NBR gaskets coated with PTFE, which makes the application of PHE much wider than in the past, and the service life of the gasket is longer. ALFA-LAVAL has used this gasket for two-plate welding PHE.

Heat Exchanger Gasket Design

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