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Heat Exchanger Gasket Leak

Heat Exchanger Gasket Leak
1.Cheap Price PHE Gasket 100% Compatible With GEA Plate Cooler
2.Gea NT50 NT100 NT150 NT250 gaskets
3.Heat Gasket Material:NBR,EPDM, FPM
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Heat Exchanger Gasket Leak

   The plate heat exchanger is a very efficient heat exchange equipment, and its application is very extensive. The core components of PHE are plate heat exchanger plates and sealing gaskets.

   Pressure Factor--The detachable plate heat exchanger leakage when it is used in the rated working pressure. In addition to the quality factor in the phe manufacturing assembly, generally it is related to the abnormal impact load appearing in the system, which is not easy to check for ordinary operators. In the case of the situation, the instantaneous pressure peak caused by the impact is often about 2 times higher than the normal working that the rubber gasket installed inside the plate heat exchanger is displaced and PHE gaskets fails The heat transfer element is produced by thin stainless steel sheet, its seal rigidity is relatively poor, and the perimeter of the seal is very long, so the resistance performance is lower than shell-and-tube heat exchanger.

   Time Factor--The equipment used or idle for several years, the self-aging of the sealing material may affect the sealing reliability, so the new gasket should be replaced in time

   Temperature Factor--Rapid changes in temperature can also lead to seal failure. When the temperature changes rapidly, the linear expansion coefficient and elastic deformation amount of the rubber gasket and the sealing preload will not match.It will decrease the sealing preload, then the pressure on the device is much lower than the rated design pressure.

Heat Exchanger Gasket Leak

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