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Heat Exchanger Gasket Locations

Heat Exchanger Gasket Locations
1.Replacement Plates&Gaskets 100% Compatible With Tranter Plate Cooler
2.PHE Gaskets For Tranter GCP051 Clip On,GXP026 And GXP042
3.Heat Exchange Gasket Types: Cross Flow And Parallel
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Heat Exchanger Gasket Locations

   There are three types of heat exchanger gaskets.(Directly pasting,rubber nail inlaid,buckle type).For the above three methods, the adhesive gasket has a simple structure and is the easiest to process, but it is relatively troublesome to install and disassemble. Inlaid and snap-on gaskets are complex in construction and cumbersome to machine, but relatively easy to install and remove. The plate heat exchanger gaskets are divided into symmetrical and asymmetrical shapes according to the product profile shape. The symmetrical shape is generally applied to the diagonal flow plates. The upper and lower sealing surfaces are all flat and symmetrical along the horizontal plane, and can be installed in both front and back. The asymmetrical shape of the ground is a plane, and the upper sealing surface may be a plane, a curved surface ior a sloped surface.

Heat Exchanger Gasket Locations

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