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Heat Exchanger Gasket Material

Heat Exchanger Gasket Material
1.Competitive Price Rubber Gasket100% Replace Kelvion Heat Exchanger
2.Channel Plate Gasket Material:EPDM,NBR,VITON A,FKMG
3.Gasket Color Code:Yellow,Blue
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Heat Exchanger Gasket Material

   The reasons that have a significant influence on the service life of rubber gaskets are the heat exchanger working mode,the heat-dissipating medium,the corrosiveness of the used cleaning agent, the maximum working temperature, the maximum working pressure, the excessive pressure and the unbalanced pressure caused elastic gaskets large mechanical stress and naturally ages.Then gasket must be promptly maintained or replaced.

   The main steps for maintaining and replacing rubber gaskets are:The first is the inspection and testing of reuse performance. Examined heat exchanger and pipes wall under suspicion of rust;The second is to remove the aging seals, According to different dirt, using acid and alkali for chemical cleaning, the surface of the washed parts will not be damaged by chemical media corrosion;Third, after the chemical cleaning, completely removed the chemical medium remaining on the PHE surface by a high-pressure blowing device;Fourth, each heat exchanger plate is coated with a fluorescent test agent.It’s checked whether there are any fine cracks and corroded holes under the irradiation of ultraviolet light, Then cleaned it again. In addition, it is necessary to check the condition of the seal groove and trim it if necessary;Fifth, for adhesive seal gaskets, the residual material will be removed thoroughly and reconstituted with a blended adhesive. The recombined PHE plate pack is clamped in a special fixture to cure the adhesive in the holding furnace in order to achieve the best bonding effect.

Heat Exchanger Gasket Material

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