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Heat Exchanger Gasket Product

Heat Exchanger Gasket Product
1.High Quality PHE Gasket 100% Compatible With Sondex plate Heat Exchanger Spare Parts
2.Heat Gasket Materia: EPDM HT, NBR HT, FPM
3.Heat Exchanger Gasket Shapes:Sonder Lock, Glue on And Hang on
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Heat Exchanger Gasket Product

    WTSML offers the largest range of efficient heat exchangers for a wide variety of applications.The heat exchangers are built on a module-based concept.Frames,plates and connections can be combined to form a number of different exchanger types.By using different types of plates,with different characteristics,the exchangers can be adapted to a wide variety of applications.The exchangers can easily be dismantled for inspection,cleaning and maintenance.

   Heat Exchanger Gasket is a term that has been given to gasket used in heat exchangers. The heat exchanger gaskets come in a broad specter of types including single or double jacketed, corrugated, plain metal, soft and many other. A large selection of different materials allows heat exchangers to operate at temperatures beyond the capabilities of most soft gasket materials. These gaskets are used in shell and tube type heat exchangers.

Heat Exchanger Gasket Product

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