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Heat Exchanger Gasket Replacement

1.NON OEM Plate Gaskets 100% Compatible With Alfa Laval PHE
2.Alfa Laval P26 P36 Plates&Gaskets
3.Heat Gasket Material: EPDM, NBRP,EPDM Food
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Heat Exchanger Gasket Replacement

Remove the used gasket. Be careful not to scratch the gasket groove when disassembling.

Use acetone, methyl ethyl ketone or other ketone solvents to remove residual glue from the gasket.

Clean the gasket groove and gasket with a clean cloth or cotton yarn.

Apply the adhesive evenly to the gasket groove.

Attach a clean new gasket to the  plate groove.

The plates with gaskets should be placed in a flat, cool, ventilated place and dry before being installed.

Heat Exchanger Gasket Replacement

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