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Heat Exchanger Gasket Shapes

Heat Exchanger Gasket Shapes
1.Replacement Plates&Gaskets 100% Compatible With API Gasketed Heat Exchanger
2.Plate Cooler Gaskets For API Sigam M27,Sigma M37 And Sigma M76
3.Heat Exchange Gasket Material:NBRP, HNBR, FPM
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Heat Exchanger Gasket Shapes

   Glue Free or Lock In is a glue-free gasket that combines the gasket with the plate without the use of glue. This gasket is very factory-installed and convenient, because it is a new gasket, it is very easy to use if the user can replace the new gasket every time, but if not, it is a nightmare. Because the joint of the gasket is very easy to age and break, it is often damaged when it is disassembled. It is very difficult to recover.Sometimes, when it is just installed and peeled off soon.I need use the glue to glue it on the plates.

Heat Exchanger Gasket Shapes

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