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Heat Exchanger Gasket Singapore

Heat Exchanger Gasket Singapore
1.Replacement Plates&Gaskets 100% Compatible With Gea PHE
2.Plate Cooler Gaskets For GEA VT40,VT80 And NT250
3.Heat Exchange Gasket Types: Glue on and Clip on
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Heat Exchanger Gasket Singapore

   The plate heat exchanger plates are divided into single-side flow and diagonal flow according to the flow pattern of the heat exchange medium. Correspondingly, the plate heat exchanger gaskets are divided into single-sided flow and diagonal according to the flow pattern of the heat exchange medium. In terms of heat transfer efficiency, the diagonal flow mode is superior to the single-sided flow, but the single-sided flow method is relatively low in cost, so in the case where the heat exchange efficiency can be satisfied, the single-sided flow form is generally adopted.

Heat Exchanger Gasket Singapore

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