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Heat Exchanger Rubber Gaskets

Heat Exchanger Rubber Gaskets
1.High Quality Plate Gasket 100% Compatible With GEA Parts
2.Heat Gasket Materia: EPDM Food, NBR HT, FKM
3.GEA PHE VT20 Gaskets
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Heat Exchanger Rubber Gaskets

   The heart of a PHE is a pack of embossed plates with apertures. The plates are assembled in a 180° angle to each other, resulting in flow gaps on each side. Each plate is provided with a gasket, which securely seals the flow gaps from the atmosphere and separates the two media used in the heat exchange. The gasketed plate pack is mounted in a rack and is compressed with tightening bolts between the fixed plate and the movable plate. To guarantee maximum heat transfer, warm and cold media are normally fed through the PHE in one-pass or multi-pass counter flow. Connections are on the fixed plate, but can also be on the movable plate for multipass flow.

   The import effect reason of rubber gasket life time:chevron angle plate heat exchanger working way, the corrosivity of heating exchange fluid and plate and frame heat exchanger cleaning fluid, the maximum operating temperature, the maximum working pressure and excessive uneven pressure caused big elastic gasket stress and natural aging. The emergence of these will be timely maintenance and repair or replacement.

Heat Exchanger Rubber Gaskets

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