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Phe Gasket Supplier

1.NON OEM Plates And Gaskets 100% Compatible With Alfa Laval Coolers
2.Alfa Lava Plates:SMO254, Nickel201, C-2000
3.Heat Gasket Material: EPDM, NBRP,FKM
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Phe Gasket Supplier

   The softening of the elastomeric gasket is related to pressure and temperature. When the gasket loses its elasticity, the heat exchanger will leak. In some products, in order to solve the dripping phenomenon caused by the aging of the gasket, the phe sealing performance adjustment is allowed,That is, the combined bolts of the phes are tightened again, and the gaskets pressing force between the heat exchangers plates is adjusted to solve the dripping problem. On the nameplate of a heat exchanger, the maximum and minimum stresses are generally given. For new heat exchanger sets, the minimum allowable stress should be used for connection fixation. Depending on the number of heat exchanger plates per group, the phe tightening force can be adjusted one or more times. Each time the screw is tightened, the nut can be screwed in 3mm, and the plate stress is always adjusted during the tightening process. Moreover, only the heat exchanger without working pressure can be adjusted to prevent the dripping at room temperature.

Phe Gasket Supplier

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