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Plate And Frame Heat Exchanger Gasket Material

1.NON OEM Rubber Gaskets 100% Compatible With Schmidt Plate Heat Exchanger
2.Heat Exchanger Gasket Shapes:Clip on and Glue on
3.Tranter Gasket Material: EPDM, NBR,HNBR,FKM
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Plate And Frame Heat Exchanger Gasket Material

    The plate heat exchanger will continue to improve the equipment heat transfer efficiency, promote the compactness of the equipment structure, strengthen the standardization and specialization of production and manufacture, and continue to develop in a large-scale direction in a wide range.

    Improving the plate heat exchangers efficiency is a comprehensive economic benefit problem and should be determined through technical and economic comparisons. Increasing the phe heat transfer rate and reducing the phe resistance should be considered at the same time, and the plate material,the rubber gasket material and the installation method should be selected  reasonably to ensure the  equipment safe operation and prolong the equipment service life.

Plate And Frame Heat Exchanger Gasket Material

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