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Plate And Frame Heat Exchanger Maintenance

Plate And Frame Heat Exchanger Maintenance
1.High Quality Rubber Gasket 100% Replace Alfa Laval Spares 2.Gasket Color Code:Blue And Yellow 3.EPDM Gasket Material:EPDM HT,EPM,EPDM Food Grade
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Plate And Frame Heat Exchanger Maintenance

  According to the phe gaskets profile, it can be divied into symmetrical and asymmetric.Usually symmetrical type is used for diagonal flow plate, the upper and lower sealing surface are flat, symmetrical along the horizontal plane,can be installed positive and negative; The asymmetric type with plane bottom surface and the upper sealing surface is divided into flat,  curved and an inclined surface.

  One thing that must be emphasized in the structure of the plate heat exchanger seal rubber pad is that there are 2 or 4 discharge holes for the medium to flow out on the two sealing gaskets beside the corner hole.

  This structure makes the two heat exchange media not Mixing with each other, any leakage of any medium will leak from the discharge hole to the outside of the equipment, which can easily be discovered and repaired in time.

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