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Plate Heat Exchanger Rubber Gasket

Plate Heat Exchanger Rubber Gasket
1.Cheap Price Rubber Gasket 100% Compatible With Tranter PHE Gaskets
2.Tranter GXD042, Tranter GX42 Parallel Flow Gaskets
3.Heat Exchanger Gasket Types: Parallel Type, Diagonal Type(Cross Flow)
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Plate Heat Exchanger Rubber Gasket

    The types of plate heat exchangers are frame type (detachable type) and brazed type. The plate form mainly consists of herringbone corrugated plate, horizontal straight corrugated plate and nodular plate. For detachable plate heat exchangers, the gasket's tightness determines the performance of the complete heat exchanger. The gasket is easily damaged by repeated loosening and pressing and needs to be replaced. The gasket is mechanically or adhesively embedded in the plate groove. The plate heat exchanger is a pressure vessel and must be inspected regularly to check the corrosion state. If it is corroded, it must be repaired once it is found. When the corrosion is serious, it is impossible to repair it, and new parts must be replaced. Once the plate heat exchanger is selected, it should not be used casually, otherwise it will have serious consequences.

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