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Plate Type Heat Exchanger Gasket

Plate Type Heat Exchanger Gasket
1.Replacement Plates&Gaskets 100% Compatible With API Plate Heat Exchanger
2.Plate Cooler Gaskets For API Sigam M26,Sigma M27 And Sigma M76
3.Heat Exchange Gasket Material:NBRP, HNBR, EPDM-HT
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Plate Type Heat Exchanger Gasket

   In the design of the plate heat exchanger gasket, the overall structure of the plate has a very close relationship with the sealing strength. The reasonable sealing structure design can not only improve the rigidity of the plate, but also improve the pressure resistance of the plate heat exchanger.The sealing structure is composed of the sealing groove and the sealing gasket of the plate. The performance (physical property, chemical property and process performance) of the sealing gasket, the form of the sealing groove and the compression ratio of the sealing gasket are the three major elements of the sealing design.

At present, the design of various plate-type sealing grooves adopts a flat form, which has the advantages of simple forming of the plate, simple structure of the sealing gasket, easy bonding, and good stability of the sealing gasket in the sealing groove. However, there are also disadvantages. For example, when bonding the sealing gasket and the sealing groove, the alignment must be quite accurate, and no offset is allowed. Otherwise, the sealing gasket will break away from the sealing groove and lose the sealing effect when clamping.

Plate Type Heat Exchanger Gasket

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