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Plate Type Heat Exchanger Parts

Plate Type Heat Exchanger Parts
1.High Quality HeatGasket100% Replace Alfa Laval Spares
2.Plate Cooler Gasket Material:NBRP,HNBR,FPM,FKM
3.Gasket Color Code:Yellow,Blue
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Plate Type Heat Exchanger Parts

   Usually, the heat exchanger seal can be found to be lost through the dripping during the cold movement and stop cooling process. However,some plate heat exchangers have a re-adjustable function,the heat exchanger tightening bolt can be screwed twice when a small amount of leakage occurs, so as to increase the mechanical stress between the gaskets and effectively solve the drip phenomenon in a short time.A larger combined length dimension can be used when assembled new gasketed heat exchangers.You can tighten the PHE again when a dipping occurs.You will find the maximum and minimum plate pack size on the PHE nameplate. It should be noted that it cannot be smaller than the minimum combined length dimension. The PHE is still a drip when the assembled heat exchanger reaches the minimum combined length dimension.It indicate that the seal gaskets must be changed.

Plate Type Heat Exchanger Parts

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