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Tranter GC51 Clip On Gasket

Tranter GC51 Clip On Gasket
1.NON OEM Plates&Gaskets 100% Compatible With Apv,Tranter And Sondex PHE
2.Heat Transfer Plate:AISI304,SMO254,C-2000,Nickel 201
3.Heat Exchanger Gasket Types:Parallel Flow and Diagonal Flow
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Tranter GC51 Clip On Gasket

   The heat exchanger water needs to be cleaned in time after a refrigeration and heating cycle. The cleaning is preferably done by physical cleaning, which is cleaned by the high pressure water gun and has not damage the heat transfer plate. The main disadvantage of chemical cleaning is that the chemical cleaning solution is unstable and the heat transfer plate is seriously corroded. The sealing ring is made of rubber and should be replaced in time according to the sealing performance.

   During the long-term use of the heat exchanger, there will some scaling and gasket aging . A certain degree of scaling will affect the use of the heat exchanger seriously and increase the production cost of the enterprise. Therefore,It’s necessary to maintenance or replacement of heat exchangers  depending on the situation.

Tranter GC51 Clip On Gasket

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