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Tranter GLD-013 PHE Gaskets

Tranter GLD-013 PHE Gaskets
1.High Quality Non OEM Gasket For Tranter Pate Heat Exchanger
2.GXD012 Gaskets
3.Heat Exchanger Gaskets Suppliers:NBR,NBRP,HNBR,Food Grade Gasket
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Tranter GLD-013 Gaskets

The gaskets of PHE are an important component and have a significant influence on the service life of plate heat exchangers. If these gaskets harden and lose their required elasticity, the compact plate heat exchanger may not work properly. Because phe gaskets not only have to seal the medium so that they do not leak into the environment, but also prevent the mixing between the heat exchange mediums,plate cooler gaskets are considered to be the most important and most demanding parts.At present, the material used for the sealing gasket is rubber, compressed asbestos fiber, expanded graphite, rubber coated with Teflon and specially treated PTFE, but the higher use rate is rubber gasket.

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