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Tranter Phe Gaskets GXP-042P

Tranter Phe Gaskets GXP-042P
1.High Quality Channel Plate Gasket 100% Compatible With Tranter Plate Heat Exchanger Catalogue
2.Tranter GXD-042,Tranter GXP-042,Tranter GXP-026
3.Tranter Gasket Material: EPDM, NBR,FPM
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Tranter Phe Gaskets GXP-042P

    Heat exchangers are used to heat or cool products in the food, dairy, chemical and pharmaceutical industries, among others. Many different types of heat exchangers are available, and they often are interchangeable for a given application. For example, in a chemical processing operation, one plant might choose a plate-type heat exchanger because of its price while another plant might feel more comfortable selecting a conventional tubular design. A third facility might choose a spiral-type heat exchanger to avoid possible gasket problems due to the variable upper temperature limit of the steam in its operation.

    There are two important factors that must be considered during the selection of heat exchanger gaskets for petroleum refinery service. These factors are the assessment of the expected level of gasket stress relaxation and the ability of the gasket to resist the radial shear mode of gasket failure. The latest techniques for obtaining the necessary data to evaluate the gasket being considered are detailed.

Tranter Phe Gaskets

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