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APV Heat Exchanger Plates

APV Heat Exchanger Plates
Alternative Replacement Plates 100% Compatible With APV Plate Heat ExchangerApplication:Heat Transfer ComponentOEM:Non OEMMaterial:AISI304,AISI304L,AISI316,AISI316L,TI,TI-PD,SMO254,Hastelloy C-276Thic
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Alternative Replacement Plates 100% Compatible With APV Plate Heat Exchanger

Heat transfer plate is a core part of plate heat exchanger.Heat exchange plate come standard in type 316 stainless steel(AISI316).This is a general purpose material suitable for most application.Alternate alloys such as titanium,SMO254, Nickel,Hastelloy C-200 C-276 may also be utilized where required.

 Each heat exchanger plate is formed by pressing in one piece.Most plates have four holes punched,one in each other corner

Application:Heat Transfer Component


Material:AISI304,AISI304L,AISI316,AISI316L,TI,TI-PD,SMO254,Hastelloy C-276


Corrugation Depth:3-5mm

Heat Transfer Area:0.01-1.8㎡

Port Diameter:DN30-DN450


Business Type:Manufacture And Trading



    APV H17
     APV N35
     APV J060
     APV J092
     APV J107
     APV J185
     APV A055
     APV A085

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