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Heat Exchanger Plate Cleaning

Heat Exchanger Plate Cleaning
1.Competitive Price PHE Plate 100% Compatible With APV Plate Heat Exchanger
2.NON OEM High Quality Heating Plates: APV SR2, APV K55
3.PHE Plates Material :AISI316, SMO254 ,Hastelloy C-2000
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Heat Exchanger Plate Cleaning

   The plate material can be selected from austenitic stainless steel, titanium alloy, steel alloy etc. Stainless steel has good thermal conductivity, thermal conductivity is about 14.4W/(mk), high strength, good stamping performance, and is not easily oxidized. The price is lower than titanium alloy and copper alloy, but chloride ion corrosion resistance is poor.

   The plate design thickness is independent of its corrosion resistance,but related to the pressure bearing capacity of the heat exchanger. The plate is thickened to improve the pressure bearing capacity of the heat exchanger. When the herringbone plate is used, the adjacent plates are inverted and the corrugations are contact with each other, then formed a dense and uniform distribution pointing. The plate corner and edge sealing structure have been gradually improved, so that the heat exchanger has a good pressure. ability. Under the premise of satisfying the heat exchanger pressure bearing capacity, the small plate thickness should be selected as much as possible.

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