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Heat Exchanger Plate Model

Heat Exchanger Plate Model
1.Competitive Price High Quality PHE Plate 100% Compatible With Alfa Laval Parts
2.NON OEM HeatPlate For Alfa Laval M10MW, M15MW and M20MW
3.Heat Exchangr Plates:AISI304L,AISI904L,Hastelloy C-2000
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Heat Exchanger Plate Model

  The plate heat exchanger is a new type of high-efficiency heat exchanger assembled from metal plates with a certain corrugated shape. The structure consists of gaskets, pressure plates (movable end plates, fixed end plates) and frames (upper and lower guides, the front support column).Its main materials are stainless steel (304/304L, 316/316L, 254SMO), titanium, nickel, titanium palladium alloy, Hastelloy and so on. The quality of the phe plates affects the overall performance and working conditions of the plate heat exchanger.

  WTSML can supply the most replacment plates and gaskets for famous brand phe such as Alfa Lava, GEA,APV,SONDEX and Thermowave etc.

 Heat Exchanger Plate Model

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