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Heat Exchanger Plate Price

Heat Exchanger Plate Price
1.Competitive Price High Quality PHE Plate 100% Compatible With APV Heat Exchanger
2.NON OEM Heat Plate For APV Q055 A085 And K55 PHE
3.Heat Exchangr Plates:AISI904L,Nickel 201,Hastelloy C-276
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Heat Exchanger Plate Price

   The PHE plate is specially used for the plate heat exchanger to isolate the medium and exchange heat, and is an important part of the plate heat exchanger.Hastelloy C-276 has good corrosion resistance. It is hardly affected by chloride ions or chlorides; it has excellent corrosion resistance to various concentrations of sulfuric acid, and it is one of the few materials that can be used for hot concentrated sulfuric acid. It is widely used in organic acids ( Such as formic acid, acetic acid), high temperature HF acid and a certain concentration of hydrochloric acid (<40%), phosphoric acid (≤ 50%); chloride, fluoride and organic solvents (such as methanol, ethanol).

Heat Exchanger Flow Plates

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