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Heat Exchanger Titanium Plate

Heat Exchanger Titanium Plate
1.Competitive Price PHE Plate 100% Compatible With Swep Product Catalogue
2.NON OEM High Parallel And Cross Heating Plates: GX and GC Series
3.PHE Plates Material :AISI316 ,AISI304,Titanium
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Heat Exchanger Titanium Plate

   Plate heat exchangers have countercurrent, downstream and mixed flow patterns. Under the same working conditions, the logarithmic mean temperature difference is the largest in the countercurrent and the smallest in the downstream flow, and the mixed flow pattern is in between. The method of increasing the logarithmic mean temperature difference is to adopt a countercurrent or near countercurrent of mixed flow pattern as much as possible. Increased the hot side fluid temperatures as much as possible and reduce the cold side fluid temperature.

   The phe plate is specially used for the plate heat exchanger to isolate the medium and heat exchange , and is an important part of the plate &frame heat exchanger. Its main materials are stainless steel (SUS304.316), titanium and titanium palladium (Ti, Ti-Pd), 20Cr, 18Ni, 6Mo (254SMO), alloy (C276), copper (H68) etc.

Heat Exchanger Titanium Plate

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