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Phe Plate

Phe Plate
1.Competitive Price High Quality Plates&Gaskets 100% Compatible With Tranter Heat Exchanger Parts
2.NON OEM Heat Gaskets For Tranter GFP187 And GX145
3.Heat Exchangr Plates:AISI316L,Hastelloy C-2000,SMO254
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Phe Plate

  The plate heat exchanger plates are all stamped and formed by extremely precise molds. Only one formed plate has the same precision, so there is uniform metal point contact between the plates and the plates to ensure that the plate heat exchanger can be compared. Normal operation under high pressure and can withstand the pressure shock of the system.304 stainless steel is the cheapest and most widely used austenitic stainless steel (such as food, chemical, atomic energy and other industrial equipment). Suitable for general organic and inorganic media.

 Tranter Vicarb

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