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Plate And Frame Heat Exchanger Cleaning

Plate And Frame Heat Exchanger Cleaning
1.Competitive Price PHE Plate 100% Compatible With Alfa Laval PHE
2.NON OEM Serives
3.Heat Exchangr Plate Pack:SMO254,Nickel 201,Copper
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Plate And Frame Heat  Exchanger Cleaning

   Plate type or corrugated type should be based on the actual needs of heat-exchange applications. In the case of a large flow rate and allowable small pressure drop, a plate type with a small resistance should be used, and a plate type with a large resistance should be used instead.Determine whether to choose removable or brazing according to fluid pressure and temperature conditions, . When determining the plate type, it is not appropriate to select the plate with a small plate area, so as to avoid excessive plates, small flow velocity between plates, low heat transfer coefficient, and attention should be paid to the larger heat exchanger.

Plate And Frame Heat Exchanger Cleaning

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