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Plate Heat Exchanger Maintenance

Plate Heat Exchanger Maintenance
1.100% Compatible With Alfa Laval Chevron Plate Heat Exchanger 2.NON OEM Plate Gasket 3.Material:AISI316 SMO254 Titanium
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Plate Heat Exchanger Maintenance

The heat exchanger plates, which is make up the heat transfer area, are tightened between two pressure plate with the use of tightening bolts.Its construction allows a plate heat exchanger to be easily opened for inspection and cleaning.

Plate is a key component of the plate heat exchanger, the plate design has a direct influence on the heat transfer performance, resistance drop, and pressure capability of the complete machine.At present there are more than hundred kinds of core structures, the main corrugated forms: Herringbone corrugations (including horizontal herringbone corrugations and vertical herringbone corrugations), horizontal corrugations, vertical corrugations, oblique corrugations, and so on.The plate structure of China plate heat exchangers producer is mostly based on herringbone corrugations. It belongs to a typical mesh flow plate type structure.The characteristic is that the fluid channels between the plates are staggered with contacts, and the fluid flows around these contacts to form a spiral forward path, thereby generating a strong disturbance.If the fluid flow is increased, the thickness of the laminar bottom layer can be reduced, and the convective heat transfer coefficient without phase transition can be effectively improved, thereby achieving the purpose of increasing the heat transfer coefficient.For water media,When the RE=20-200 and the flow rate is 0.2-0.5m/s,the fluid enters a turbulent state and has a very high heat transfer coefficient.Therefore,Placing the contacts points evenly and stagger on the plate and appropriately reducing the spacing .Not only can enhance the overall rigidity of the plate but also can withstand large pressure differences.

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