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Heat exchanger pressure test
Dec 03, 2018

Heat exchanger pressure test

(1) The fixed tube sheet heat exchanger performs the shell side pressure test first , and at the same time checks the heat exchange tube and the tube sheet joint joint, and then performs the tube test pressure;

(2) U-tube heat exchanger, kettle type reboiler (U-shaped tube bundle) and stuffing-type heat exchanger use the test pressure ring for shell-side pressure test first ,at the same time check the joint, and then carry out tube test;

(3) The floating head heat exchanger and the kettle type reboiler (floating head type tube bundle) use the test pressure ring and the floating head special tool for the tube head pressure test first, and the kettle type reboiler should also be equipped with the special case tube head pressure test . Then, the tube test is performed, and finally the shell test is performed;

(4) The pressure test of the overlap heat exchanger joint can be carried out in a single stage. When the heat exchangers are connected between the tubes, the tube and shell test pressures should be carried out after overlapping assembly.