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Plate And Frame Heat Exchanger Leaking
Aug 23, 2018

Plate And Frame Heat Exchanger Leaking

   (1)In the plate heat exchanger, the tightening size is not in place, which easily causes the heat exchanger to seep. The internal liquid is easy to flow out when the size is uneven or the clamping is loose.

   (2)Some of the gaskets appear to be out of the sealing groove, and it is likely that the main gasket sealing surface is dirty, the gasket is damaged or the gasket is aged.

   (3)During the use of plate heat exchanger,the plate leakage, deformation,and assembly misalignment cause the running gasket phenomenon to occur. The cracking of the plate often occurs in the  plate sealing groove portion or in the two sealing regions, which are the main causes of leakage of the plate heat exchanger.