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Plate And Frame Heat Exchanger Types
Nov 24, 2018

Plate And Frame Heat Exchanger Types

The categories that are often used are as follows:

1.According to the heat exchange area in the unit space, the plate heat exchanger is a compact heat exchanger, which is mainly compared with the shell-and-tube heat exchanger. The traditional shell-and-tube heat exchanger occupies a large area.

2.According to the use of the process, there are different names: plate heaters, plate coolers, plate condensers, plate preheaters;

3.According to the process passes, it is divided into one passes plate heat exchanger and multi-pass plate heat exchanger;

4.According to the flow direction of the two media, it is divided into a downstream (cocurrent) plate heat exchanger, a counterflow plate heat exchanger, and a cross flow (cross flow) plate heat exchanger, and the latter two are used more;

5.According to the gap size of the flow channel, it is divided into a conventional gap plate heat exchanger and a wide gap plate heat exchanger;

6.According to whether it is a complete set of products, it can be divided into single plate heat exchangers and plate heat exchanger units.