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Plate Heat Exchanger Cleaning Chemicals
Nov 26, 2018

Plate Heat Exchanger Cleaning Chemicals

   Chemical cleaning is the use of a chemical cleaning solution to produce a chemical reaction that dissolves, detaches or peels off scale and other deposits on the heat transfer tube surface.

   The method has the advantages of short cleaning time, simple operation and thorough descaling, and it is one of the most widely used and effective cleaning methods. Chemical cleaning can be done on site, labor intensity is lower than mechanical cleaning and cleaning is more complete.It can clean the places that mechanical cleaning can not reach, and can avoid mechanical damage caused by mechanical cleaning on the heat exchange surface. Chemical cleaning can be done without disassembly the equipment.It has advantages for the shell-and-tube heat exchange equipment that cannot be disassembled.

   Before cleaning, you should know the structure, material, distribution and thickness of the cleaning equipment and its composition, so as to  select the cleaning agent properly, corrosion inhibitor, and additives;and choose the appropriate cleaning agent dosage, concentration, speed. , temperature and time, the final disposal of cleaning waste liquid should be done to avoid environmental impact.