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Plate Heat Exchanger Internal Leak
Sep 12, 2018

Plate Heat Exchanger Internal Leak

   The plate heat exchangers application has been popularized in industrial production, but some problems will be encountered in the application. The common problem is the internal leakage phenomenon in the plate heat exchanger, which affects the normal use. How to solve this problem?

 (1) Disassemble the plate heat exchanger, remove the dirt on the heat exchanger plate surface and reassemble the heat exchanger after drying. Perform a water pressure test with a pressure of 0.2~0.3MPa on one side, Stop to test after the water discharge from the other side .Open the heat exchanger and bserve the untested side plate carefully , the wet plate is a plate with holes or cracks;

  (2) At the scene, you can also use the light-transparent and colored inspection methods to find out the waste plates. All the plate heat exchanger waste plate and gaskets that have been inspected must be replaced and reassembled before use.