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Plate heat exchanger internal leak
Nov 29, 2018

1.Cause of plate heat exchanger internal leak

(1) Cracks or perforations due to plate corrosion because of improper selection of plate heat exchanger plates.

(2)Operating conditions do not meet the design requirements.

(3)The residual stress after cold stamping of the sheet and the clamping size in the assembly are too small to cause stress corrosion.

(4)There is slight leakage at the plate leakage groove , which causes harmful substances (such as C1) in the medium to concentrate and corrode the plate to form a string.

2.How to solve plate heat exchanger internal leak

(1)Replace the cracked or perforated plate and find the crack plate at the scene by the light transmission method.

(2)Adjust the operating parameters to meet the design conditions.

(3)The clamping dimensions of the plate heat exchanger during maintenance and assembly should meet the requirements, not the smaller the better

(4)The plate material is a reasonable match.