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What Is Plate Type Heat Exchanger
May 15, 2017

Plate type heat exchangerconsists of stamped uneven stainless steel plate. The embossed lines between two heat exchanger plates are formed with a combination of 180℃.So that the ridges of herringbone pattern intersect one other on adjacent heat exchanger plate forming a lattice contact point.The contact points are joined by vacuum welding.Then plate type heat exchangers are resistant to high-pressure interlocking flow structures which promote hot and cold fluid in the plate heat exchanger to produce a strong turbulence to achieve a high heat transfer effect.

  Plate heat exchangers is composed of corrugated metal plate, the heat transfer plate has four corner holes for two kinds of liquid through the heat transfer. The plate heat exchanger plate is mounted on a frame which is included a fixed plate and a movable pressing plate. And clamped with tightening bolts. 

   The plate heat exchanger plates are provided with heat exchanger sealing gaskets to change the fluid into the flow path for heat exchange.

   The flow, physical properties, pressure drop and temperature difference of the fluid determine the number and size of the Heat exchange plates. The corrugated plate not only increases the degree of turbulence, but also forms a number of support points sufficient to withstand the pressure difference between the media. The fix plate and the movable pressing plate are suspended from the upper guiding bar and are positioned by the lower guiding bar and the carrying bar is fixed on the support column.