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When To Use Plate Heat Exchanger
Jul 24, 2018

    China's detachable plate heat exchangers are mainly used in urban centralized heating, petroleum, chemical, light industry, metallurgy and electric power industries for temperature, pressure and medium are not very demanding conditions.The number of detachable plate heat exchangers used for urban central heating is about 70% of the total number of products.Despite the continuous emergence of new plate types in recent years, the application field has expanded, such as the advent of high NTU value plates, which has enabled phe products to enter the field of refrigeration and air conditioning with a heat transfer temperature difference of 1 ℃; the advent of China wide gap plates, The product has entered the viscous and granular media industry such as alcohol and sugar. However, in the fields of nuclear power, metallurgy, electric power, ships and other large-scale products and special plates, the demand is still relatively small. The main reason is that the varieties of high-tech products are incomplete, the quality and performance level is low, the reliability is not high, and the process selection calculation is inaccurate and so on.