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Who Uses Plate Heat Exchanger
Aug 04, 2018

Who Uses Plate Heat Exchanger  

    Plate heat exchangers are widely used such as electricity, food, medicine, petroleum, and chemical. In the modernization of new technologies and new processes, the continuous development of new materials, and increasingly severe energy problems, higher performance, high-parameter heat exchange equipment is inevitable, and plate heat exchangers will further expand the scope of application.

a. Refrigeration: used as a condenser and evaporator.

b. HVAC: intermediate heat exchangers used in boilers and high-rise buildings

c. Chemical industry: soda ash industry, ammonia synthesis, alcohol fermentation, resin synthesis cooling

d. Metallurgical industry: heating or cooling of aluminate mother liquor, cooling of steelmaking process

e. Machinery industry: various quenching liquid cooling, reducer lubricating oil cooling

f. Power industry: high-voltage transformer oil cooling, generator bearing oil cooling

g. Paper industry: heat recovery in bleaching process, heating of washing slurry

h. Textile industry: cooling of viscose aqueous solution, boiling nitrocellulose cooling

i. Food industry: juice sterilization cooling, animal and vegetable oil heating and cooling.

j. Grease process: The soap base is dried at normal pressure, and the various process liquids are heated or cooled.

k. Central heating: heating in the waste heat of the thermal power plant, heating the bath water.

l. Others: petroleum, medicine, ship, seawater desalination, geothermal utilization.