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Aluminum Heat Exchanger Corrosion
Dec 07, 2018

   Due to the different corrosion principles of materials, aluminum plate heat exchangers are not susceptible to acid corrosion (oxidation corrosion), but are prone to alkali corrosion and chloride ion corrosion. Therefore, when the water quality of a heating system is alkaline (pH is higher than 7), or the chloride ion content is high (the salt content is large), the heat exchanger has a hidden danger of corrosion and water leakage.

   Due to the poor welding performance of aluminum alloys, experts recommend that consumers avoid the use of aluminum alloy heat exchangers with welds, and purchase aluminum alloy heat exchangers with full die casting to avoid property damage caused by water leakage at the weld. In addition, experts remind consumers: Because aluminum alloy heat exchangers have different water quality requirements than steel, it is best to avoid mixing aluminum alloy heat exchangers with other materials.