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Plate Heat Exchanger Gaskets

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Heat Exchanger Gasket Production Process
May 29, 2018

Heat Exchanger Gasket Production Process   

   Rubber is a relatively complex polymer system. It is generally composed of rubber polymers, vulcanizing agents, fillers, antioxidants, processing aids and thinners. The processing aid do not extend the life of rubber gaskets,but it plays an important role in improving the mixing, extruding and molding properties of the gasket manufacturing process. The choice of raw materials and their mix ratio will determine the final properties of the rubber gasket material.The natural rubber is obtained from the latex of hevea brasiliensis. The basic chemical composition is cis-polyisoprene; isoprene rubber is a high-cis synthetic rubber made from isoprene,it is also known as synthetic natural rubber because its structure and performance is similar with natural rubber.Styrene butadiene rubber is made from the copolymerization of butadiene and styrene, according to the production method,it is divided into emulsion polymerization styrene butadiene rubber and solution polymerization styrene butadiene rubber.Butadiene rubber is obtained by butadiene polymerization. Compared with other general-purpose rubbers, the vulcanized butadiene rubber is particularly excellent in cold resistance, abrasion resistance and elasticity. It has less heat under dynamic load and good aging resistance. It is easy to use with natural rubber,neoprene ,nitrile rubber and so on.

   Generally, the plate heat exchanger gasket manufacturing process consists of five process steps. First the mixing process of the compounded rubber, mixing various raw and auxiliary materials according to the formulation requirements;The second is the form the rubber material blank, the rubber material is made into a rubber strip through the extruding equipment;The third is the compression molding process. the unvulcanized strip is placed in the hot mold cavity, the mold is closed and vulcanized, the rubber gasket is formed in the press equipment, The fourth is the post- vulcanization, the vulcanized gasket is placed in an oven under static conditions to complete the vulcanization.The final is inspect the finished product ,It means that some finished products are tested according to process standards.