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Plate Heat Exchanger Gaskets

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Plate Heat Exchanger Cleaning
Nov 06, 2018

Plate Heat Exchanger Cleaning

The plate heat exchanger will fouli after a period of use, then we need to clean it.

    Discharge the liquid in the inlet and outlet of PHE on both sides. If the discharge is not completed, the process liquid can be forcibly washed out with water.

   Rinse from both sides of the plate heat exchanger with warm water at approximately 43 ° C until the effluent water becomes clear and free of process fluid.

   Discharge the water out of the plate heat exchanger and connect it to clean pump.

   To be cleaned thoroughly, the cleaning solution must flow from the bottom to the top of the plate to ensure that all of the plate surface is wetted with cleaning solution. When cleaning the multi-flow heat exchanger, it is necessary to flow the cleaning liquid reversely for at least 1-2 cleaning time to ensure the wetness of all the phe surface of the multi-process. After cleaning with the cleaning solution, rinse thoroughly with clean water.