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Plate Heat Exchanger Gaskets

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Plate Heat Exchanger Faults
Sep 10, 2018

Plate Heat Exchanger Faults

1.External leakage

Mainly manifested as leakage (small amount, water droplets are not continuous) and leakage (large amount, continuous water droplets). The main part of the external leakage appears as the seal between the plates.The plate double sealing leaking groove parts and the inner side of the end plate and pressing plate.

2.Internal leak

The main feature is that the medium on the higher pressure side is connected to the medium on the lower pressure side, and pressure and temperature anomalies occur in the system. If the medium is corrosive, it may also cause corrosion of the plate heat exchanger gasket. The stringing usually occurs at the flow guiding area or at the double sealing areas.

3.Large pressure drop

The pressure drop of the inlet and outlet exceeds the design requirements, even many times higher than the design value, which affect the system flow and temperature requirements. In the heating system, if the pressure drop on the hot side is too large, the primary side flow rate will be seriously insufficient.That is, the heat source is insufficient, and the secondary side outlet temperature cannot meet the requirements.

4.Heating temperature does not meet the requirements

The main feature is that the outlet temperature is too low to meet the design requirements.