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Two Key Projects Of The National Key R&D Plan “Developing Compact And Efficient Heat Exchangers For FLNG Devices Based On Additive Manufacturing Technology” Were Held In Zhenjiang, Jiangsu Province.
Nov 08, 2018

On October 18, 2018, the key national research and development plan of the “Deep Sea Key Technologies and Equipment”, which was led by Jiangsu University of Science and Technology, focused on the development of a compact and efficient heat exchanger for FLNG based on additive manufacturing technology. The two submarines retracting system will be held in Zhenjiang, marking the full launch of the project research work. The Ministry of Science and Technology, the Department of Science and Technology, the 21st Century Center, the Science and Technology Department of Jiangsu Province, the relevant representatives of the Zhenjiang Science and Technology Bureau, the project consultants, the leaders of the project undertakers, and the backbone of the project research, attended the meeting.

Jiangsu University of Science and Technology pointed out in his speech that the school aimed at the national strategic focus, and established the Marine Equipment Research Institute earlier in the country. The construction of the marine equipment additive manufacturing R&D center was fully completed. The project initiated this time is the first national science and technology plan project undertaken by the school as the lead unit of the project, which is of great significance to the future development of the school. As a deep-sea special “new recruit”, the school will actively take the lead in taking the role of the unit, build a good school-enterprise communication platform, provide perfect services and strong support for the project progress, jointly promote the development of key technologies and equipment industries in the deep sea, and do the national maritime powers. Make a contribution.

At the meeting, the 21st Century Center centered on the spirit and requirements of the Party Central Committee to "put, control, and serve", and raised hopes from the project undertakers from adhering to the needs of the country, adhering to the problem orientation, emphasizing system thinking, and creating a good academic atmosphere. The representative of the Social Welfare Department introduced the overall situation of the national science and technology plan reform in the “13th Five-Year Plan”. I hope that the project units will continue to follow the excellent traditions of the 863 plan in the field of marine technology, and overcome difficulties with the support of all levels of departments to do a good job in the project. . The representative of the Provincial Science and Technology Department hopes that the project will strengthen the project management with a strong sense of honor, mission and responsibility, and the Science and Technology Department will also do a good job in guiding and service, and actively promote the implementation of the project. The project supervisor introduced the special layout and process management of the deep sea, and put forward specific requirements in the aspects of project integration implementation, standardized management, and corporate responsibility system.

The project consulting expert group conducted a full inquiry and discussion on the implementation plan reported by the project leader, and put forward specific opinions and suggestions. After the kick-off meeting, the two project teams also organized internal project communication and financial management training.